Havana Day Tours from your ship are overpriced and crowded

Cruise Companies Mislead Guests

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We keep hearing fear stories about the Cruise Lines confusing their guests on  their Havana day tours that they offer...  

1)  They charged our guests %18 per cent to convert their US$ to Cuban Currency.

 The rate is %13

2) They herd you into large groups of many different people. Slow walkers. Spaced out tourists wandering aimlessly.

3) They tell you that Havana is dangerous to walk around without them to guide you. BALDERDASH!  Havana is one of the safest cities in the world

4) Many other stories about visas and so on.....

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Our Team Of English Speaking Locals


Our team member will meet you at the ship. Just your invited guests. We like to keep it to 4 due the taxi size. ( more cars if the group is larger)

The tour is described on the previous page but we will custom design your day to what you want to experience and see in Havana. You can even go a beautiful beach for the day. Your call. Call us in California to talk Cuba

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We Will Share The Locals Side Of Havana


We were recently in Havana and our Team told us to start promoting day tours from cruise ships. That is where we started hearing all the fear based stories of cruise ship companies and their expensive offerings.

We listened to our team  and we are there in Havana  and here in California. 

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Here is a list of options for your to experience in the words of our lead tour director Dayron Ortiz;

" Here is an example of my favorite classical walking tour through the old town. There are some spots with amazing views where we can stop for drinks like Ambos Mundos Hotel, Gran Manzana Hotel, etc. And also a stop in El Floridita of course. Then a short visit to the fortress area for some very nice panoramic pictures of Havana and end up at a local paladar for a cuban lunch. That is all very close to the ship. The walking tour is about 3 hours and be sure to wear your walking shoes.   2 hours  driving in a vintage car around Havana to explore other areas of the city.Here is a detailed itinerary for this tour with the vintage car drive:Walking through the old town is one of the best ways to introduce Havana to our guests and to really appreciate all of the beautiful and unique places we have in this city. It’s a fantastic opportunity for admiring all of the architecture, music, people, atmospheres, etc. Any place could be perfect for getting the best picture of your life. Our old town is considered one of the best preserved around the world. By foot is definitely the best way to discover all of the little =details, the magnificent buildings and the hidden treasures it has. We will begin our walking tour through the Historical Center at Old Havana by checking its 4 most important squares: "Plaza de la Catedral", "Plaza de Armas", "Plaza de San Francisco de Asis" and "Plaza Vieja". We will have a stop for the amazing view and maybe a refreshing mojito at the rooftop bar of the Ambos Mundos Hotel. This was Hemingway's favorite hotel while in Havana.We'll walk up "Obispo" Street, which is the most popular pedestrian street on this area, with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, etc. "Obispo"connects with the four main squares in the old town. Right after finishing walking through Obispo we'll find the "Parque Central", which is the biggest park around this area, surrounded by many famous buildings like the "GranTeatrode La Habana" and the Capitol. We will have a second fantastic view from the rooftop bar of the Gran Manzana Hotel. Across from this hotel is El Floridita where we can have a very nice Daiquiri.Very close to this area we will find the former headquarter of"Bacardi", an impressive 1930 art Deco construction. Near the "Bacardi" building, we'll also see the Museum of Revolution, which was the former Presidential Palace before the Revolution's triumph in 1959, and also the Cuban Art Museum. We will have lunch at a typical Cuban food restaurant. We will enjoy 2 hours in a beautiful vintage car to explore other areas of Havana like both Vedado and Miramar neighborhoods, the Revolution Square, the National Hotel, etc. This is one of the nicest days you can experience in Havana!" travel to cuba havana day tours

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